Lilies of the Valley Bellydance Competition Registration

Please print this form, fill in then mail with check or money order to:
Cassiopeia's Bellydance, 2922 E Evergreen Blvd, Vancouver WA 98661

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July 14, 2013  6-9pm

The Old Church
1422 SW 11th
Portland OR

(        )   Mature Dancer  $75    5 mins} Any amount of experience.  40yrs or older.

(        )  Troupe   $90   6  mins} Two or more dancers performing as a troupe. Any amount of experience. All dancers perform as a group with no showcasing of individual(s).

(        )  Beginner   $45   3 mins} Up to 2 yrs experience. You have never been hired, performed for, or advertise via business cards, print ads, on-line ads or anything similar resulting in the payment for your dance as a bellydancer. Troupe performances and tips are excluded.

(        )  Semi Pro   $50  4 mins} Over 2 yrs experience. You may have been paid for your dance on occasion. You are not teaching or hold a regular paying gig. You advertise via business cards, print ads, on-line ads or anything similar that may result in the payment for your dance as a bellydancer.

(       )   Pro Challenge  $75  approx 6 mins} You perform regularly at paying gigs and/or teach. The competitors in this catagory will randomly choose their competition music at check-in the day of the competition.

**** Please add $10 to registration fee(s) if not postmarked by July 01, 2013 ****
Dancers assume all responsibility and liability for themselves and all personal property. All dancers authorize the use of photos and videos for promotional and educational purposes. Winners agree to use their titles correctly for publicity purposes.

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