Lilies of the Valley Bellydance Contest

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This event has been cancelled due to low number of contestants.

Check back for 2014 information.


The 3rd

Lilies of the Valley Bellydance Contest

July 14, 2013

Registration page


Last update - April 15 2013


The Old Church
1422 S.W. 11th Avenue
Portland, Oregon 97201


For all categories audience may participate
by voting for their favorites.  
Their votes will be included in the final scoring.


Tentative Schedule of Events

Admission fee -  $10.00

6:30p doors open to audience and contestants

7:00p - Competition starts


Semi Pro


Mature Dancers


9:00p - Awards



  Pro Challenge - 1 - limit of 8    

Semi Pro - 1 - limit of 6

  Beginner - 0 - limit of 6

  Troupe - 0 - limit of 6

  Mature Dancer - 1 - limit of 6


Catagory*/ Entrance fee**/ Time Limit***/ Description

Mature Dancer   $75     5 mins}  Any amount of experience.  Dancer must be 40yrs or older. 

Troupe               $90     5 mins}  Two or more dancers performing as a troupe.   Any amount of experience. All dancers perform as a group with no showcasing of individual(s). 

Beginner            $45        4 mins}  Up to 2 yrs experience.  You  have never been hired, performed for, or advertise via business cards, print ads, on-line ads or anything similar resulting in the payment for your dance as a bellydancer. Troupe performances and tips are excluded. 

Semi Pro            $50         5 mins}  Over 2 yrs experience.  You may have been paid for your dance on occasion.  You are not teaching or hold a regular paying gig.  You advertise via business cards, print ads, on-line ads or anything similar that may result in the payment for your dance as a bellydancer.

Pro Challenge     $75   approx 6 mins}  You perform regularly at paying gigs and/or teach.  The competitors in this catagory will randomly choose their competition music at check-in the day of the competition.

Cassiopeia222 @


*  Anyone found to be competing in an incorrect category will be disqualified and forfiet all monies.  Any winner found to have competed in an incorrect catagory will be stripped of any and all titles and be required to return all monies, trophies or medals.

** Add $10 to entrance fee paid/postmarked after . TBA

*** 8 second grace period for operator error.  Anything over time limit and grace period will result in a 20 point deduction from your score.


_Catagory      ____   Prizes    

 Pro Challenge                 Tiara,  Sash, $200

Mature Dancer             Tiara, Sash, $100

Semi Pro                    Tiara, Sash,  $75

Beginner                    Tiara, Sash, $50

Troupe                      Tiaras, Sashes,  $100



Registration will be taken until check-in the day of the competition.  Entries are accepted on a first come first serve basis until category is full.  Categories with less than 3 entries may be cancelled.  No refunds unless category is cancelled.  All forms must be signed and submitted before drawing for performance position. 

Please submit two copies of your music labeled with your name and catagory.  Middle Eastern music must be used or a 20 point deduction will reduce your score.  Zills and/or veil may be used in all categories but are not required.  No flames/fire may be used.

Dancers must check-in at least 30 mins before scheduled category time.  Dancers will draw numbers for their performance position at check-in.  Pro Challenge catagory will draw their performance position at check-in and their competition music and .  Pro Challenge category will have the opportunity to listen to their music selection once through, 15 minutes before their scheduled individual performance.  If a dancer is not present at the time of drawing, that dancer will go on first.  If a dancer is not ready at their performance time, the dancer will be skipped and no make-up time given.  All dance performance times drawn are final.  Trading performance time with another dancer is not permitted.

The stage has one entrance on the left as you face the stage.  Dancer start  off stage.  Dancers must not leave the stage at any time during their performance or they will be disqualified.  Appropriate professional behavior is expected of all dancers at all times during the Lilies of the Valley Bellydance Competition.  Any dancer at any time who appears to be under the influence, or acting in an unprofessional manner will be asked to leave with no refund.  Dancers assume all responsibility and liability for themselves and all personal property.  All dancers authorize the use of photos and videos for promotional and educational purposes.  Winners agree to use their titles correctly for publicity purposes.

Awards are given to the dancer with the most combined points.  Dancers must be present to receive titles and awards.  Dancers will be given judges score sheets at the end of the competition.  All scores will be tallied.  High and low scores will not be thrown out. 

All the above are subject to additions and revisions at anytime up to check-in the day of the competition.
Registration page

Cassiopeia222 @

(360) 281-9782